We Are Not Gurus but we are SEO & SEM hobbyist

Approximately 50,000 clients leads we had generated in 5 years time.

BeanSE has valuable knowledge to help businesses grow. We have reliable facts and proven tracks records on all successful case. We service and follow up after sales realized. We are flexible in knowledge sharing and business negotiations.

We believe in business there are no standing still. With the increasing angle of innovation and stress of market demand, we need to plant a proper strategy to maintain the competitive position. We help businesses to face the momentum of economies challenge throughout the time. Every single business ideas start-up with its uniqueness, with the strength of skills and knowledge, a business will grow by itself with a proper business strategies implementation.

Since January, 2000, the BEAN’s Foundation has supported an initiative to enhance enterprises and corporate Online Brand Identities throughout the regions. The goal of the initiative has been to foster the development of various “Business Related” internet marketing solutions to enhance business and marketing strategies. We had discovered and developed a set of skills in various Online Marketing and Digital Marketing skills to help and to consult since its business operated for years in various projects.

The company has since been renamed The Beans split into two arms – Bean Design Studio and Bean Search Expert Sdn Bhd. Full stream Digital Marketing Solutions that offers businesses insights for complete Internet Marketing Strategies. (SEO- Search Engines Optimization, SEM – Search Engines Marketing / Google Adwords , SMM – Social Media Marketing / Facebook Marketing, Digital Video Marketing, etc.)

Today, the company runs a numbers of core Internet Business Solutions ranging from basic Web Design Services to Premium Digital Advertisement (SEM – Search Engines Marketing, SEO – Search Engines Optimization, Facebook Marketing, etc)

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Build A Searchable Business Today! Get Found When Your Prospects Need You.


Maximum Exposure Creates More Chances To Get Potential Visits.


Offer The Best To Your Prospects & They Will Spread Across.


Build A Searchable Business Today! Get Found When Your Prospects Need You.